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Trend Report

Back-to-School means new styles and bold looks. It's a new beginning with so much opportunity to express yourself. Inspired by the biggest trends for the 2022 school year, we put together some of our must-haves we found at the mall.

Just remember some major 2022 trend inspo:

More is more, Y2K fashion 4eva, BOLD colors & prints & silhouettes, and when in doubt, choose purple or leather.

You'll be golden.

AEO + Hollister: Did someone say denim jacket? Yes, please! Denim + skater pants = perfection.

Fashion is having such a fun moment right now, begging you to be loud with all of your choices. So get the bright pink, the SQUARE shoulder pads for exaggerated shapes, wear a ring on each finger, and if you worry something clashes, embrace it. 2022 is the year of you!

It can be chilly in the classroom. Don’t forget to send the kiddos to school with a sweater to keep them warm. We love this look from Children’s Place